• December 12, 2021

Instructing the Next Generation of Computational Linguists

Radev, who experienced childhood in Bulgaria, is familiar with a few dialects. “I like how comparative, yet how various dialects are,” he said. “Also the way that there are rules, yet the standards aren’t severe, which makes it really intriguing. I don’t care for unadulterated math since things are excessively severe. Dialects are some place…

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Every Business Is Different – So You’ll Only Discover How to Build Yours by Trying Things

I’ve sat through enough dodgy marketing webinars and read enough questionable marketing books that focus on quick tricks designed to get people to part with their money. But to me that’s backwards – the goal of a good creative business is to make people genuinely want what you’re selling, or want to support what you’re…

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Luck Is Always a Factor

One of the dangers of school and college – especially for people who flourish in school and college – is that you pick up this neat idea that hard work equals success. And if you only work harder, you’ll see better results. It’s a nice idea. But the real world doesn’t always work like that.…

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